Implants and bridges on Finkle Hill
Implants and bridges on Finkle Hill
Implants and bridges on Finkle Hill
Implants and bridges on Finkle Hill

Implants on Finkle Hill

Missing teeth can not only make you feel embarrassed when you smile; but can also affect your general wellbeing. Your diet might be restricted to soft foods, making it difficult to obtain adequate nutrition and causing future health problems.

Even one missing tooth increases the strain put on remaining teeth when you bite and chew. Teeth around the gap are also likely to move into it, becoming crooked and harder to clean in the process. This can lead to problems like gum disease, tooth decay and, even lead to further tooth loss.

Implants are a fixed alternative to missing teeth or removable dentures. As well as closing any gaps in your mouth, dental implants help prevent these problems, restoring your smile and giving full functionality to your jaw.

All inclusive care package:

  • CT scan
  • Removal of failing teeth / bridge
  • Temporary denture / temporary bridge
  • Any hygiene treatment needed to secure oral health
  • Bone graft if required
  • Implants and crown / bridge

The personal approach

Having implant surgery is a significant investment both emotionally and financially. You want to be sure you’ll achieve the results you want, with the minimum of stress. At Finkle Hill we work in partnership with our patients to ensure this is the right treatment for them and only take on cases that we expect to succeed. Our fees are transparent and fully inclusive.  Book a free consultation if you want to discuss your options.

All our implant surgery is carried out by Cliff Palmer . He is well known in the area for his excellent care and high success rate. With a post-graduate certificate in implant dentistry, and many years’ experience, he has recently started mentoring other dentists who are looking to start their implant career.

Cliff’s calm, reassuring and caring manner put even the most nervous patients at ease. These skills, combined with a meticulous, evidence based approach to placing implants means that you are guaranteed to receive excellent care:

* Postgraduate Clinical Mentor – BAIRD Implantology Programme
* Postgraduate Certificate in Restorative Dentistry
* Postgraduate Certificate in Implant Dentistry

The personal approach

CBCT scanner

At Finkle Hill we always strive to deliver the very best quality of care and expertise. This is why we believe that it is worth investing in state of the art technology which enables us to plan and deliver treatment with fantastic results. We have recently installed a CBCT scanner (cone beam computer tomography) which will further help our dentists to plan treatments such as implant placements, root canal treatment and extractions. This was a service that we had to refer out of the practice so we are now thrilled to be able to offer this service to our patients here at Finkle Hill.

CBCT scanner

Life changing implants

Life changing implants

"It took a long time for me to pluck up the courage to have implants and I definitely chose the right place to do it. We discussed the treatment for some time, but Cliff was reassuring throughout and made it clear that I was under no pressure to proceed.

The actual procedures was much easier than I anticipated. The end result has changed my life. My old denture was not working for me - I can honestly say its taken 10 years off my life. And the post treatment calls from Cliff and his team were reassuring,"

Mr FG, Tadcaster
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All Inclusive Pricing

Members treatment fees shown in brackets

Option 1

Implant retained crown

From £ 2900

Option 2

Implant bridge - 3 teeth

From £ 4900

Option 3

Implant denture (lower)

From £ 5700

Option 4

Implant denture (upper)

From £ 7700


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